The Club was pleased to have Warrant Redlich as our guest speaker.  

A graduate of Rice University, Stanford University and Albany Law School, Warren recently retired after 26 years as a criminal defense and personal injury lawyer.

During 2019, Warren began making videos about SpaceX, Tesla and other related topics. His channel now has nearly 64,000 subscribers. He has 26,000 followers on Twitter. Elon Musk has replied to Warren eight times on Twitter.

Warren is prominent in the Tesla community as a ‘Super Bull.’ Warren Redlich is most proud of raising two very bright and responsible young women in West Boca.

As a sideline, Warren is developing a single passenger electric vehicle designed for self-driving robotaxi use in poor countries.

Warren explained why Tesla is so far ahead of other companies building electric vehicles. Part of that advantage is their making Full Self-Driving (FSD) almost ready for general distribution. He then gave the following model to demonstrate the amazing future value of Tesla and, accordingly, the price of their stock.

It’s by calculation that the share price of Tesla stock is headed toward or become in excess of $10,000 per share based on the current price (and not including any possible share price splits). 
There were many good questions such as “What happens when Ford, GM and VW all produce electric vehicles?” Warren dismissed them as true competition because they are so far behind Tesla FSD.
You can see a career summary of Warren in Wikipedia here. Also, you can follow Warren on Twitter here. And, you can follow Warren on YouTube here.