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John Strasswimmer, M.D. on Volunteer Dermatology Treatments


John Strasswimmer, M.D. on Volunteer Dermatology Treatments Weekly Meeting July 31st, 2019 Pictured above are Club member John Strasswimmer, M.D., Ph.D. and Club President Vanessa Havener. Dr. Strasswimmer, who practices in Delray Bach with his Associate Dr Smirnov ( shared that Dermatology is the only medical practice that does not have a foundation to support volunteer efforts. Most other medical and dental practices have created foundations that provide infrastructure support to assist volunteer doctors serve the needy at home in the USA or abroad. Thus, Dermatologists who want to do such volunteer programs have [...]

John Strasswimmer, M.D. on Volunteer Dermatology Treatments2019-08-07T10:01:57-04:00

Adam Palmer on Hang Gliding


Adam Palmer on Hang Gliding Weekly Meeting July 17, 2019 Pictured above are Club President Vanessa Havener with Club member and practicing attorney Adam Palmer who talked about the sport of hang gliding. Adam got hooked on hang gliding back in 1995 and has enjoyed the sport ever since. He pointed out that hang gliding can be done very safely. In fact, most accidents occur when pilots ignore well-known safety rules, attempt to push beyond their abilities or elect to fly in conditions that are unsuitable. Hang glider pilots can soar for hours by [...]

Adam Palmer on Hang Gliding2019-08-03T14:55:28-04:00

Dennis Frisch on Playing (The Insane Game of) Rugby


Dennis Frisch on Playing (The Insane Game of) Rugby Weekly Meeting June 12th, 2019 Above is a photo of Club member Dr. Dennis Frisch playing Rugby for the Florida Old Boys Rugby Club.   A good video that shows the rules of the game can be found at this link. And, this link provides a really good pictorial overview of the game. There are 15 players on each team which are grouped Positions 1-8 as Forwards and 9-15 as Backs. There are some similarities to football in that the ball is similar but bloated [...]

Dennis Frisch on Playing (The Insane Game of) Rugby2019-08-03T14:57:05-04:00

Welcome New Member Gerry Purdy


Gerry Purdy Officially Joins Boca Raton Club Weekly Meeting May 29nd, 2019 Pictured above are President- Elect Vanessa Havener, new member Gerry (with a G) Purdy, Membership Chairman Rick Zimmer and Club President Donn Lounderee. There was no guest speaker this week and so the Club discussed upcoming activities.

Welcome New Member Gerry Purdy2019-08-03T14:58:17-04:00

The New Boca Rotary Website


The New Boca Rotary Website Weekly Meeting May 22nd, 2019 Pictured above is Past President Bill Riddick, CEO of the Riddick Family Enterprises, explaining to the Club the progress that’s been made to create a high quality website for the Boca Rotary Club with the help of Bob Buruchian and many others in club.  Our Club had been using ClubRunner for many years until recently when it became slow and antiquated (via feedback from Claudia and other members). Bill added that he always had problems signing into the site’s backend and it was not [...]

The New Boca Rotary Website2019-08-03T14:59:39-04:00

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