We were pleased to have Mihai Fonoage, VP of Engineering at Modernizing Medicine as our guest speaker. The company has its headquarters locally in the BRIC development. 
Modernizing Medicine, Inc., is a United States software company headquartered at the Boca Raton Innovation Campus in Boca Raton, Florida. The company was founded in 2010 by Daniel Cane, CEO and co-founder of Blackboard, Inc., and Dr. Michael Sherling, Chief Medical and Strategy Officer and practicing dermatologist.
Modernizing Medicine provides an electronic medical record (EMR) software application that is designed to save physicians time as they collect patient information, record the diagnosis, order tests and prescriptions and prepare billing information.
Here are their core values:
What They Do
They create software for doctors by doctors
Founded by a practicing physician and his patient, a successful software entrepreneur, our company took a dramatically different approach to developing our electronic health records (EHR) systems. We hired doctors and taught them how to code. The result is highly custom software specifically designed for the needs of each specialty. With the help of our doctors who code, our platforms are built for speed and efficiency.
They help practices save time
What if you could get back some of the time you spend dealing with inefficient EHR work-arounds and outdated technology? Modernizing Medicine, creates intelligent technology and services that speak the language of the doctor’s specialty and adapts to the doctor’s preferences. They understand that in medicine, every minute matters.
We build comprehensive software solutions
Their EHR lays the foundation for our all-in-one suites of integrated health solutions designed for multiple medical specialties. These solutions include practice management, revenue cycle management, payment processing, analytics, patient engagement tools and much more. These powerful products and services work together seamlessly—no separate logins necessary.
We provide access to in-depth knowledge and powerful application
They have combined their products and services with structured treatment and clinical outcomes data from millions of patient encounters. They have also created an API marketplace, opening the doors to a multitude of technologies. This gives doctors access to in-depth nationwide medical knowledge and powerful applications that can help them do what they do best: treat patients and improve healthcare.
MIPS Performance
Under the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS), the size of a doctor’s future Medicare reimbursements on their ability to show EMR supplier that provides both quality and low-cost care as compared to their peers. Doctors need a proven performer to help you achieve their goals and Modernizing Medicine® has their back.
With their distinguished track record in MIPS submissions, they are a recognized leader in value-based care solutions for specialty practices. And now that 2019 MIPS is over, we’re proud to announce that their EMA providers achieved outstanding preliminary results.