We were delighted to have Member Kris Amorello and her husband Doug as our guest speakers this week. 
They gave a fascinating talk about farming of lobsters sometimes just called ‘Lobster Fishing.’  Here are some of the major points …
Lobster farming is:
  • An owner-operator business
  • Limited access permits
  • Continues to be sustainable
  • Family traditions/communities built
  • $925 million dollar industry coast wide ($725mil ME)
Some of the issues in lobster farming include:
  • Lobster farming is closed in Massachusetts Feb 1 to May15
  • The biggest problems are weak links, breakaways and rope markings
  • Minimum trawl lengths
  • Entanglements
  • Whales can cut lines and mess up lobster farming
Conservation and sustainability preserved via:
  • Minimum and maximum gauge size
  • “V” notch
  • ZERO tolerance
  • Trap Limits – 800
  • 10,000 eggs per 1 pound lobster
  • 7/8 years of age per pound
  • Average lifespan is 50 years with some 100+
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It’s a family affair (sometimes)