The Club was delighted to have Jalane Meloun, Ph.D., as our guest craft keynote speaker. Dr. Meloun is a Full Professor for Barry University, teaching in the Schools of Business and of Education, Leadership, & Human Development. She instructs business, psychology, IT, HR, project management, ethics, Total Quality Management (TQM), research methods, entrepreneurship, and statistics courses. She is the past Academic Coordinator for the (Business) Administration Department.
Dr. Meloun gave a wonderful talk entitled “You 2.0: Harnessing Your Motivations.” In her talk she focused on many of the challenges we all face trying to overcome our bad habits.
She delightfully engaged the 50+ Rotary member audience into barriers and challenges they have faced and how they overcame them to become successful. Her primary message in how to harness your motivations is to take small positive steps along the way and substitute positive behaviors for negative habits.
She received a rousing applause for your wonderful insights. If you missed her talk, you can see it here on YouTube.
Dr. Meloun received her Ph.D. in Industrial-Organizational Psychology from the University of Akron’s top-four nationally ranked program. Dr. Meloun has been teaching higher education for 30 years. Over that time, she has assiduously worked to be the best in her related fields. Dr. Meloun’s success has been recognized by others through her being selected for numerous teaching awards at Kent State and Barry Universities, as well as earning 5 best paper awards, one best research award, the Communique Medallion Award, and the Barry U’s lifetime achievement– Sr. Jeanne O’Laughlin Scholar’s Award. She has won national essay competitions on strategic management and economics.
Dr. Meloun operates from a realm of logical, passionate creativity. Her creative blood has resulted in her winning many naming contests, such as for the city of Akron, Ohio’s ethics mascot. Serving others is as important to Dr. Meloun as it is to Rotarians. Dr. Meloun has been active in umpteen organizations through the years, including, leading Parent-Teacher Student organizations and chairing the city of Hollywood’s Civil Services Board. She has been honored with the National Leadership Award for her reorganization work as the Advisor for the Society for Human Resource Management’s student chapter (out of 450+ chapters) and has recently been bestowed the Community Engaged Scholar and Community Engaged Educator Awards.
Her future plans include becoming the first endowed distinguished professor at Barry University and spending more energy nurturing her entrepreneurial pursuits that will do much good.