Jeff Tromberg conducted a very interesting Craft Talk with Club member Dana Goldberg.
In 2004, Dana met an attorney named Barry Siegel. She had been in Junior League. They became friends. He was in Rotary and suggested that Dana join Rotary. Was initially in a morning club but wanted to be in a daytime club so she came to our club via Neil Saffer. She has been in the club for 12 years.
She was born in New Jersey but grew up in Brooklyn. Shew was first person in her family to go to college. During her senior in high school, she worked in a Dude Ranch in upstate New York to help pay for college. Did that for a while but finally met her husband and had to give up working in the horse industry.
She got her real estate license in CT but then moved to Florida. Then went back to work in the insurance industry. She then became a property manager which she does today and loves her job.
When growing up, she had horseback riding lessons and worked in a barn. That got her a job in a Dude Ranch. She managed a barn (polo and show horses), and even got into a racetrack.
Her daughter and son came back home due to the pandemic. She was pregnant with Dana’s first grandchild who had some medical problems that was treated at Joe DiMaggio Hospital. She does flower arrangements part-time (and gave one to Claudia as a gift).
If you could do anything: she said it would be something to help others in some way, large or small. She spends time with Grant. She always like to wake up with something to do. Would love to live in Scotland for a year. Fears nothing but climate change.
Why Rotary? Power in numbers. Loves that Rotary helps make a greater impact in the world. She relates to their mission.