Our member Lisa Talley initiated on behalf of our Club and Steve Muschlitz of Wheels from the Heart to donate a car to Lisa Boatright. 
Here’s the story about Lisa Boatright as told by Lisa Talley:
My leasing manager, named Lisa Boatright, found me my apartment when I had to move within 30 days cross country to Boca. She spent hours talking to me when I arrived and was the first friend I had here in Florida during the pandemic. She encouraged me to meet people even in a pandemic, so I applied to join a Rotary club.
Lisa is a single mother of two amazing teens. She lives in my building and has become a good friend. Unfortunately, she has been relocated to another apartment complex in which to work. That is over ten miles away and she doesn’t have a car. She is planning on biking but worried since she is recovering from a coma.
After flying from her car on the 1-95, she was in a coma for three months and struggled to regain her life, learn to walk and talk again, and finally find an entry-level job to support her children. She lost her previous job while in a coma and was tricked out of an accident settlement. This month she found out someone stole her identity, and her credit is ruined. So, there is no chance of buying or leasing a car. If she can’t get to the new job site, she is very worried about how she will live.
I can attest to her character. She will call after hours to check on a repair or personally drop off a letter that was misdelivered. When my cat was sick, she asked day after day how it was doing. At Christmas, she bought a dog for her kids to make this year special, and you can guess, she walks it! Each month she plans a party for our building and is the kindest person. It is something I feel called to help, so she can rebuild her life and her children’s lives before the coma took it all away. A car would enable her to keep her job and independence. People say it all the time, but I know she would do the same for me if I was in need and she could help.