We were pleased to have Club member and RI Foundation Chair Bernardo Wolfson give us an update on Rotary International (RI).
Bernardo talked about the RI’s Vision that was approved by the RI Board of Trustees in 2017 to reflect the direction Rotary wants to take to address the world challenges of the future.
The RI Board invited Rotarians to participate in focus groups and interviews and come up with a set of actions and priorities to make the new approved vision a reality. A group of 500+ Rotarians representing 28 countries participated and came up with four recommended Actions. These are referred to as the Rotary Action Plan and will guide Rotary’s priorities through 2024.
Rotary’s four priorities and objectives are:
P.S. Our intended guest speaker, Dr. Shelley Wellington was unable to speak so we have rescheduled her for Wed, Sept. 8.