Adam Palmer on Hang Gliding

Adam Palmer on Hang Gliding

Weekly Meeting July 17, 2019

Pictured above are Club President Vanessa Havener with Club member and practicing attorney Adam Palmer who talked about the sport of hang gliding.

Adam got hooked on hang gliding back in 1995 and has enjoyed the sport ever since. He pointed out that hang gliding can be done very safely. In fact, most accidents occur when pilots ignore well-known safety rules, attempt to push beyond their abilities or elect to fly in conditions that are unsuitable.

Hang glider pilots can soar for hours by riding in thermals, currents of warm air that flow upwards, oftentimes occurring under developing clouds or where air is pushed upward by mountains or cliffs (e.g., Torrey Pines in San Diego). Hang glider pilots are able to use these currents of rising air to stay aloft for hours.  Several years ago, the current hang gliding world distance record was set when a pilot flew 474 miles, a flight that lasted almost 11 hours.

Hang glider pilots are able to control their aircraft by shifting their weight, just like riding a bicycle.  When the pilot moves to the right, the glider will bank to the right, and vice versa.

Here’s a link to a video that explains a bit about the sport:

And here is the link to a video of Al Roker from the Today Show trying a tandem hang gliding flight with an instructor here in Florida: