We were delighted to do a Craft Talk with Todd Halls. Todd grew up in Motley, MN. Small town of a few hundred people. He is thankful to have had some amazing teachers at Motley that didn’t give up on him. He attended college at Minnesota State University Mankato and  Graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Construction Management after a longer than normal college career. 
He had a pattern of doing construction and pouring concrete in the summer and was a bar manager the other half of the year for a family that liked him and helped him.
He got married to Nina in August 1998 and proceeded to buy a house and started a construction business. He became ill in 2008. He had to get rehabilitated, so he got into health and fitness and opened up a CrossFit gym 2012. In 2015 Nina and he founded Ardor boutique and currently have 3 locations, the newest in Delray Beach, FL.   In 2019, he sold the CrossFit gym and in 2019 they moved to Florida.
He joined CBMC in 2014 – learned about Marketplace ministry and leadership coaching. He hired a coach and introduced that into the CrossFit gym business. They initially relocated to Pensacola Beach, FL opened an additional boutique and started Todd’s coaching business. He let’s his clients drive the agenda.  He is there to facilitate and help them achieve their goals.
How did he get involved with Rotary. He did that in Pensacola in 2020 – he loved the motto – “Service Above Self.” Moved to Boca in 2021 [explain why] as we were looking for a suitable place to open our third boutique and the Florida panhandle was not as warm as desired. He loved attempted attending  different clubs to see which was a best fit and    loved this club and the people here .
Family highlight – married to Nina for 24 years. One child Orion, an amazing young man that he is very proud of even when they are butting heads as a teenager will sometimes want to do.
Wears a backpack with 60 pounds of weights to maintain fitness. He works with business owners and their leadership groups helping them transition from founder led to team led businesses in organizations with groups, does leadership and culture training with businesses and organizations, and he also does one-on-one coaching. He sometimes also helps with fitness. CoachToddHalls.com.
Here is a link to the video of the Craft Talk.