We were pleased to have Ron Tarro, President of New World Angels, as our guest speaker.  Ron Tarro is a Florida angel investor and the President of New World Angels, a long-standing Florida angel investor syndicate.  
Ron is the former CEO of a telecommunications software and management services company founded in Boca Raton, Florida. He led the company from its early stages, led its expansion across nearly 40 countries, and then led its sale to a publicly held corporation where he served as a corporate vice president. Ron began his career as an IBM software engineer and product manager. He subsequently spent a decade in management consulting leadership within Ernst & Young’s Strategic Advisory Services organization.
Ron’s passion is early-stage and growth-stage technology companies. He guides tech companies on their development of products and services, their customer and market focus, and their search for funding and growth.  Ron’s a long-time contributor and board member to startup incubators and university entrepreneurship programs, including FAU’s Tech Runway. On the “other side of the entrepreneurial table”, Ron helps private equity organizations and high net worth investors find, evaluate, and support early-stage company investments.
Ron provided a good overview of the world of private investing showing each stage and the funding/risk associated with each one:
As you can see, the earliest stages carry the most risk but also have the biggest reward. As subsequent rounds of capital are raised, then risk is lowered but so is the potential reward. 
New World Angels is focused on startups and the capital necessary to get a viable product into the market. Angels who operate independently must invest in domains outside their knowledge and experience. New World Angels enables Angles to operate within a network in which the group’s intelligence can make a more rational and intelligent decision on investing. Further, the aggregate4d money from the syndicate helps an entrepreneur achieve a goal which actually reduces risk.
NWA collects and aggregates capital from each of its members to fund an entrepreneur. Each Angel member can choose the size of their investment in $2,500 increments. Here’s a summary of what NWA does:
Thus, NWA enables many who would like to invest some of their portfolio into early-stage ventures but reduces the complexity and higher risk of trying to do that individually. The NWA network has intelligence that enables solid due diligence on the various ventures that seek funding from the group. 
Those interested in considering joining NWA can contact Ron at [email protected]. NWA provides a safer way to invest in early-stage deals.