The Club was pleased to have Angelo Bianco, Managing Partner at CP Group LLC as our guest speaker. The company owns the property at the Boca Raton Innovation Campus (BRiC). As many know, this campus was originally developed by IBM when they built and launched the IBM PC in August 1981. 
Angelo attended The George Washington University where he earned a Bachelor’s in Business Administration. From there he earned his JD in Law from the University of Virginia School of Law.
CP Group is a vertically integrated real estate company located in Boca Raton and the largest office landlord in the state of Florida. Before joining CP Group 20 years ago, Bianco worked in New York City as a real estate attorney for Tishman Speyer Properties as a member of the team that redeveloped Rockefeller Center in the 1990’s.
Angelo shared the plans they have to almost double the size of the BRiC campus adding apartments, a grocery store, restaurants, entertainment venue and other amenities.
He currently serves on the Board of Directors for the YY Dance Company, the Golden Bell Foundation, and CPG Cares Inc., a non-profit organization administrated by volunteer employees of CP Group.