The Club was pleased to induct a new member, Victoria Salem. She was born in France and introduced herself to the club members in a wonderful way using the poetic reference above. She gave one of the most enjoyable new member comments we’ve seen in a long time. 
On LinkedIn, she describes herself as an enthusiast entrepreneur, communication(s), public speaking and professional development coach. Victoria is adept at creating opportunities through networking.
She lived in Paris, France until she was 20 then travelled and worked in Sydney for one year before moving to London, UK where she lived for 10 years.
She has a French dad and a Swiss mother with some German, Italian and Greek blood – so quite a mix.
She made her passion for networking her work. She now is a coach and train clients for success and increased confidence thanks to networking and communicating with impact.
For those who’d like to see a video of her remarks about herself and life, here is a link so you can download and view it.
She is engaged to be married to land developer Bob Zlatkiss. Please welcome Victoria to the Club