Right on the heels of electing Jeff Tromberg to become President of the Club for 2022-2023, Jeff provided the Club members with a Craft Talk moderated by member Steve Clarfield. 
Jeff grew up in Bayside, NY, moved to South Florida in the middle of high school, attended the University of Miami and stayed on to attend Law School.  From the very beginning in 1991, he has specialized in consumer bankruptcy law with a focus on helping people struggling to save their homes from foreclosure.
During his first year in law school, Jeff was picked to be one of four students to represent the University of Miami in Wheel of Fortune’s “College Week”.  While on the show, he won $40,000 which helped pay for his law degree.
Here is a link to a 5-minute version of the episode.  
The password is play123
Jeff has a solo practice in Consumer Bankruptcy Law and has enjoyed helping people navigate through difficult times.  Bankruptcy appears more complicated than it really is.  This is probably due to the fact that it is a federal matter when most people are more familiar with State Court.
To file bankruptcy, it all boils down to disclosing 4 things:  1) Everything you own (assets), 2) Everything you owe (liabilities), 3) What you make (income) and 4) What you spend (expenses). The vast majority of people who file bankruptcy come out far better than those who don’t take action to solve their problems.
Steve also shared his personal connection with Jeff and his family. Jeff is happily married to Andrea, and they have 5 kids between them.  Two are recent college graduates, two more are attending the University of Florida and one more is still in high school.
For Jeff, Rotary fills a meaningful part of his social life and his need to give back to the local community.   For someone who works primarily by himself, it is important to get out of the office and get involved in the community.  Being part of the Rotary family years ago in Plantation and again now in Boca Raton checks off so many important boxes for Jeff.  His hobbies include travel, lots of reading, the outdoors, improv classes now and then and, of course, pickleball.