Shelley Wellington, Ed.D.
Scholarship Coordinator, FAU
We were pleased to have Dr. Shelley Wellington, Scholarship Coordinator at FAU as our guest speaker.
Dr. Wellington has worked in academia for the past 20 years, in various capacities, which ranges from Financial Aid Advisor to Academic Advisor and also, as an Adjunct Faculty at FAU. With this steadfastness, she has been able to appreciate the importance of working with students to assist them with building a successful future that all students deserve.
Dr. Wellington provided several interesting statistics about FAU and financial aid:
·                    Total undergraduate enrollment: 31,632
·                    80-85% of undergraduate students are awarded financial aid funds (title iv funds) in some way
·                    Total undergraduate students considered low income: 6,742
·                    The Office of Student Financial Aid, in conjunction with the FAU Foundation, has 46 students on full scholarship (does not include total scholarships at FAU).
·                     There are currently 10 students that have a Rotary scholarship
There were a number of questions from the members. One, in particular, came from Past President Bill Riddick. He asked if our club might review the required essays that each prospective student must write and submit to the Financial Aid office at FAU. Shelley felt that it would be possible for us to become involved with the review of those essays although she pointed out that they are all reviewed anonymously to make it as objective as possible. Pia Giannone will follow up with Dr. Wellington next spring to get this review process going.
Thank you, Dr. Wellington, for telling our club about financial aid at FAU.