Our club was pleased to have President Elect Jeff Tromberg lead a Craft Talk with ‘Sonny’ Lee Tannenbaum. Sonny is an interior decorator, but his love is singing in a rock band called “Sonny Lee & The Straight Shooters” which he joined in 2016. 
Sonny grew up in the New York, Rockland County. He went to American University in Washington. He met his wife, Melissa at a singled dance in Clifton, NJ in 1990. They have two sons. He had a manufacturing company in New Haven, CT that employed 100 people. Unfortunately, they had to close the business and moved down here to start a new life.
A birthday dinner with Pat Dinizio from The Smithereens in 2003 led to his second career in music. His dear friend Santi Briglia inspired the Sonny Lee persona.
Sonny joined David’s The Staight Shooters and in 2016 which became Sonny Lee and The Straight Shooters.
He mentioned how much he loves his sons Jake and younger son Tyler. Jake works in Customer service for Waste Management and Tyler works in franchise sales for The Learning Company.
Sonny is a big LA Charger fan. He was going to Baltimore to see the Chargers play the Ravens. [The chargers lost that game 34-6 but still have a winning record].
Jonathan Sherry introduced Sonny to Rotary and then he got David Dweck to join as well.
His motto: Do anything you can do to make life better. Asked everyone to pray for the Chargers. Best moment this year: talked to both sons in one day. He said, “It’s not how you start but how you finish” that matters.
Lost himself in something: The best drummer – David Dweck – enables him to get lost in singing songs with the band. “David allows me to go to that place where I can sing and perform.”
Why Rotary: incredible group of people who care for others.
Sonny ended the Craft Talk by singing “See the Man” with David Dweck, a song from an album, “Tell the Tales” that was released in 2015.