We were pleased to have a Craft Talk with new member Lisa Talley hosted by Jeff Tromberg. Lisa is a recent transplant to Florida. Lisa and her husband Geoffrey Wetherell relocated for Geoffrey’s new position as an Assistant Professor at Florida Atlantic University. They have permanently settled in Palm Beach and are exploring their new hometown.
Lisa believes in strong community involvement, volunteering and business positive initiatives. As a recent graduate with a dual Master of Science in Digital Media and Master of the Arts in English Communication, Lisa has advocated for and worked with numerous nonprofit and community organizations.
Currently, Lisa is working on:
– TechCeFaCos NGO Cameroon – an Executive Board Member and the new Social Media Content Coordinator. Lisa is honored to work under the United Nations umbrella for a Cameroonian-based, non-governmental charitable organization. The center focuses on sustainable socio-economic and educational development in the local community. Lisa is updating the website build and designing a social media marketing campaign through crowdsourced content creation over sustainable open source programs. She is also creating branding and fundraising materials using professional programs like Adobe Premiere, Beta Google Suites and Microsoft Teams. Finishing her term as a Lead Grant Writer, Lisa is focused on sustainable funding.
– EurAupair – Community Counselor for the South Florida Area. Lisa coordinates new family placement as well as relations with placed families and their au pairs. Through ZOOM and international apps, Lisa is able to complete digital versions of Federal VISA documents, mandatory state inspections and embassy related communications.
– Rotary International – new member of the Boca Raton Florida Chapter, Rotary OPAL Committee, and WAVES and District Peace Committee Member. Lisa works virtually on a number of new local committees. She is exploring new venues for digital platforms and learning about the team structure of these varied committees.
– Consulting program – with CEO’s and COO’s of local nonprofits and national businesses seeking to include environmental or human right advancements within their company. For example, a national nonprofit’s branch in Palm Beach is updating it’s marketing methodology. Lisa is designing and analyzing the demographics of a set of targeted surveys. This data will help the Marketing team better understand the characteristics and motivations of local donors and volunteers. If successful, this new tool will be applied in the future for both marketing and public transparency, better serving the community’s desires through analytics.
– Community involvement – Lisa volunteers to host physically fun circus parties or etiquette parties: a spin on the “princess party” for children. She believes after school groups and birthday parties can be a fun way to introduce our children to philanthropy. Lisa is an Order of Omega member and traveled the globe studying the circus.
Personally, Lisa is a technical organizer with an interpersonal approach through respectful advocacy, education, and innovative digital communication at the local community level with an eye for global developments.