Pictured above are Club President Vanessa Havener with Jeffrey Zirulnick, CEO of JARC – an organization that helps intellectual and developmental disabilities able to integrate into the workforce.

JARC helps people with special needs able to function in the community. JARC is located in Florida but our clients come from all over the US.

JARC specialize in helping extraordinary people lead ordinary lives. It means every child, every adult, should know the joy of friendship, the satisfaction of doing work that is valued, and the comfort of being a loved and important member of a community.

JARC is an advocate for people who are unable to advocate for themselves. Our goal is not only to be voices and advocates, but more importantly, to assist our clients in using their collective voices and becoming their own advocates.

Their programs include residential homes and apartments, community case management, and employment training. JARC develops life skills and growing friendships. Some of their clients live in JARC residential network while others live in private residents where we provide support services. And others come to daily programs and live near our center in Boca Raton, Florida. Once trained, these individuals are able to do specific tasks at partner companies.

JARC understands families and how to help the extraordinary people who come under our care.

You can contact them at http://www.jarcfl.org or at (561) 558-2550.