Craft Talk with David Dweck, Special Recognition for Michael Gora and Special Gift by Pia Giannone

Weekly Meeting Jan. 15, 2020

Pictured above are member David Dweck and member Jeff Tromberg who moderated the craft talk on David’s life.

David shared that he attended the Univ. of Miami with a major in communication. He graduated in 1984. He got involved in real estate as an investor, landlord, real estate agent and hard money lender. He calls himself a flipper where he finds distressed properties and resells them for a profit. He’s like a version of the Property Brothers without the TV show. He’s been doing it for 30 years.

David also has an avocation for music and is a big fan of most genres and sings and plays drums in his mancave and at gigs.

He feels he is role model for youth. Art Polacheck got him interested in Rotary and Lee Tannenbaum invited him.

Special Recognition – Michael Gora by Julie Vianale

Pictured above of Michael Gora, Julie Vianale and Club President Vanessa Havener. Julie gave Michael a special award on behalf of the Club for his service to Rotary and expressed her appreciation to him for all he’s done.

Special Gift by Pia Giannone

Pictured above are Club President Vanessa Havener with Pia Giannone. Pia has provided the club with a gift of $10,000 to be put into the Florescue Family Foundation account for Scholarships and educational materials for RCBR scholarship recipients. Thank you Pia!