We were delighted to have Noelle Dayton, a Certified Holistic Health Coach (CHHC) as our guest speaker last week.
Noelle has been helping people understand their amazing ability to heal naturally and holistically for over 15 years.
She is a master educator and consults on the use of organic and natural ingredients in the development of natural products, along with privately coaching people all over the world.
One of the many reasons Noelle loves helping people is because she was able to reverse 20 plus years of severe, debilitating asthma and allergies over 20 years ago and has been asthma and allergy free ever since.
During her talk, Noelle shared her personal journey being frustrated over doctors not being able to help her with her severe asthma and allergies so she turned to investigating the cause of her debilitating problems herself. She finally realized that her allergies and asthma problems were caused by reactions to certain foods. She altered her diet and her over sensitivities subsided, and she has been allergy and asthma free since.
Noelle then found that many others suffered from problems that could be cured by adjustments to diet, much of which was to get off eating processed foods. She then became certified as a holistic health coach and has helped scores of people obtain a healthier lifestyle from adjusting their diet. She had a lot of questions from our members as well as a testimonial from our own Claudia DeBois that Noelle was absolutely right about adjusting diet can bring about amazing cures to our ills. Claudia had a similar experience.
Anyone interested in contacting Noelle can reach her at [email protected] or at (561) 503-3783.