We were delighted to have Patricia Cimino as a guest speaker.  
Patricia Cimino is a Certified Coach specializing in empowerment. Whether she is speaking to a group of twenty or hundreds, Patricia utilizes her unique approach steeped in neuroscience, positive psychology, and eastern philosophies to create game-changing results. Audiences appreciate how Patricia radiates high-energy and infuses possibility and optimism into her presentations and her interactions with everyone she meets.
This talk shares her story of servant leadership and offers three simple yet powerfully effective strategies to navigate life.  Especially helpful during this unusual year!
Patricia is a passionate life and business coach with strong interpersonal skills capable of helping entrepreneurs and business leaders to achieve their desired results.  Her demonstrated ability to significantly help shift mental and emotional roadblocks into creating self-awareness and confidence. She is an expert at getting her clients to stop living in their excuses and into taking inspired action.
Patricia’s unconventional coaching method is a unique blend of neuroscience, positive psychology and eastern philosophy.  She helps people retrain their brain to create behavior change applicable to their personal and professional goals.  She coaches clients all over the globe and recently added speaking to her offerings.
Patricia holds certifications in Life Coaching and Yoga Instruction since 2012.  She began her coaching career helping people with their health through mind and body awareness.  Patricia continued with coaching individuals in midlife transition that led to focusing on entrepreneurs and business owners – where most of her midlife clients desired to be.  She is currently a mentor at FAU’s Executive Women in Leadership program.
Patricia is a business graduate of Loyola University of Chicago. She began working for Fortune 500 companies selling consumer goods and continuously increased sales and product placement in her given territory.  She continued in sales and sold enterprise software to the banking industry where she rose to the top as a sales leader.  Patricia went on to manage a family hospitality business increasing sales and expanding services.  Her own entrepreneurial journey began with her socially conscious handbag business that stemmed from a passion project of servant leadership at the grass roots level.  Through her efforts, Patricia sustained a village in Argentina with food and clothing for three years in addition to building two libraries of donated books from the profits of her business.
Patricia shared a concept for abandoning a specific blueprint for your personal or professional life and following what feels best to you instead.  She offered three powerful strategies to do this:
  1. The first is to tune into your best GPS system for guidance – your body.  Your body is always giving your messages whether it’s a “gut feeling” or a whisper of an “internal voice”.  An easy way to access your body’s messages is through your breath – something in which we all have access.
  1. The second strategy is to train your brain by becoming aware of your conscious thoughts.  When you notice yourself conjuring up the worst-case scenario in your mind, interrupt your story and give yourself equal airtime to the best-case scenario.
  1. The third strategy is to take only one step at a time, not ten.  Constraining on one thing at a time allows your brain to focus without getting confused, complete the task at hand and move on to the next task which builds momentum.
Thank you, Patricia,! We look forward to your becoming a member!