The Club was pleased to have the founders of The Royce Deale Foundation tell us about their new foundation that’s Mission is to provide to cultivate love, hope, and opportunity in the current and future youth of Pearl City. They are doing this through three positive Values: Commitment, Consistency and Respect.


The Royce Deale Foundation has a unique element not found in most non-profits: youth empowerment. The organization consists of a Youth Advisory Board that acts as a platform for the Youth Leaders of Pearl City. The Youth Advisory Board heads the direction, action, and focus of the organization. This includes planning and executing the projects, events and overall direction of the organization. This board is led by youth solely.

The second aspect of the Royce Deale Foundation is the presence of a Board of Directors with professional adults who have ties to the Pearl City Community and experience with non-profit work. The Board of Directors is tasked with managing funds and providing consistent guidance/mentorship to the Youth Advisory Board.

Board of Directors:

  • Jon Carter
    • Chair of the Community Advisory Panel, Boca Raton
  • Jordan Hernandez-
    • Boca Raton High School English Teacher
  • Ashley Whidby
    • Director of Pearl City CATS
  • Krystal Deale
    • Sister of Royce Deale
  • Gregory Russ
    • Deacon of Ebenezer Church, Technology Professional
  • Kristin Reagan
    • Boca Raton High School Mental Health Counselor
  • Sarah Silversmith
    • Boca Raton High School Mental Health Counselor
  • Moses Hensley
    • Boca Raton High School Behavioral Counselor and Education Specialist


  • Since June 9th, they have held two Youth Advisory Board meetings where they focused on thoughtful discussion on issues facing Pearl City youth and the community and potential solutions the board can lead. The Youth Advisory Board is currently planning their first event which will be a COVID-19 Relief event in Pearl City where the Youth will be distributing school supplies, food and essential items to their community.
  • On Wednesday, July 15th, the Royce Deale Foundation elected its board leadership for the incoming 2020-2021 school year.  Shanya Dugazonwill be the incoming President and Amirah Maxwell will be the incoming Vice-President. Further, the Royce Deale Youth Team members have chosen their respective officer positions, representing areas such as education, sports, and art.
  • On Thursday, July 16th, the Royce Deale Foundation youth presented their new organization to the Pearl City-based organization called DISC (Developing Interracial Social Change). The youth engaged in positive discussions with the DISC board members and announced their upcoming relief event in the community. In the end, DISC donated $100 for the foundation’s upcoming event.
  • On Friday, July 17th, the Foundation held its first Board of Directors meeting. The board set priorities and also covered introductions, organizational structure and goals moving forward.
  • On Saturday, July 18th, the Foundation held its first event in Pearl City! It was a relief event in which youth passed out school supplies, food, and essential items to the community. It was a huge success and CBS 12 documented our work. You can see the video report at this link. They held their second event on Saturday, July 25th at 12 pm at the Ebenezer Church to continue distributing our donated food. The Foundation gave a big thank you to DISC member Susan L. for donating food and school supplies to our event. It helped our cause immensely.

Anyone interested in donating should send the foundation an email at the following email address: [email protected].