Neil Saffer discussed how the Rotary Club of Boca Raton had a special relationship with the Boca West Children’s Foundation for many years.

Neil Introduced Arthur Adler, Chairman of the Board of the Foundation, by reading the bio that was presented to the 850 plus guests on March 1st at Boca West Country Club at The Boca West Childrens Foundation 10th Anniversary Gala.

Arthur Adler then proceeded to make a very special announcement to the Club.

Arthur shared that the Boca West Children’s Foundation was excited to provide the Rotary Club of Boca Raton with a generous $30,000 grant to help our Scholarship/Mentorship/Internship/Job Training/Job Placement conjunction with  Palm Beach State College which we would oversee and provide mentors

Neil then introduced Pamela Weinroth who is Executive Director of the Boca West Children’s Foundation. Pamela shared how excited she was for the Foundation to provide this grant as it will help support the education and training of students at Palm Beach State College (PBSC) who are working on a certificate program in Auto Mechanics, Marine Technology and Heating and Air Conditioning, as well as providing each recipient with a RCBR mentor.

Neil then thanked Pia Giannone for her working with PBSC to coordinate the grant, reviewing the contract and getting it signed off. Pia will set up a conference call with the heads of the certificate programs so we can discuss and finalize the arrangements for this years [program