Gianni was born in Caracas, Venezuela. Following his long dream to live in Europe, he moved at the age of 27 to the Valle D’Aosta region of Italy, from where his family originated. Later, he moved to Legano in Lombardy Region close to Milan. Gianni was trained as a Plastics Engineer where he worked in R&D for Cryovac (part of WR Grace). He worked in the industry of plastics and paper for 10 years.

In 1996, Gianni moved to the US where he opened a company with two European investors aimed at introducing machines used in the production and conversion of paper and plastic films for flexible packaging. Gianni continued to work in production of plastics and paper finished goods for 10 years. Here’s a photo of the kind of equipment Gianni’s company sold:

For the next 10 years, he worked in sales of microelectronics.
Due to the financial crisis of 2008, Gianni and his wife Christina started selling local artisan cuisine creations that were not available through regular outlets. Neil and Trish Saffer helped promote his culinary business that resulted in him becoming known as a local caterer which he continues to do today.
He was invited to attend a Rotary meeting in 2016 by Juan Montalvo, but the first person he met in the club was our Administrator, Claudia DuBois.
He has always loved cooking and his passion started when he was young from his father who was trained in French and Mediterranean Cuisine. He always had the family working in the business. Even through Gianni never had any formal training in a cooking school, he has many years of experience. He developed a special skill in the art of cooking and presentation.

His personal interests include traveling, kayaking and scuba driving. He was a scuba diver volunteer for “Ocean Watch,” “Reef” and “The Oceanographic Division of Nova.” Ocean Watch was better known as the organization that planted the Mooring Buoys all over Broward Coast allowing boaters to attach to them instead of anchoring over the delate Coral ecosystem. During the five years he volunteered for “Ocean Watch,” he dove regularly with “Reef” located in Key Largo whose main objective is preserving and educating about the fauna and our local reefs.

Gianni’s motto as a Rotarian: “It is better to give than receive.” And the best way to give is when you belong to an organized group like the Rotary Club of Boca Raton whose impact reaches deep into the community.