Pictured above (from l to r) are Club President Vanessa Havener along with a number of the Club Scholarship Recipients. The names include the Club mentor in parenthesis: Nicolas Lopez FAU (Orin Rosenfeld), Daniel Palacios FAU (Rick Zimmer), Pia Giannone (Scholarship Liaison), Therans Jerome FAU (Pia Giannone), Julianna Sanginito PBSC  (Jon Burford), Alexia Barillas PBSC (Art Polacheck), Matthew Ward-Moses FAU (Brian Jackson), Beege Mondesir PBSC (Pat McCarthy), and Chloe Dutreuil, FAU (Lee “Sonny” Tannebaum).
The Club has recently decided to focus future scholarships on awards to students in need with good grades who go to either Palm Beach State College (PBSC) or Florida Atlantic University (FAU). This will give the Club better ability to mentor students.