Dean RT Good, Lynn University, College of Business and Management

Weekly Meeting September 11th, 2019

Pictured above is Dr. RT Good, Dean of the College of Business and Management, Lynn University in Boca Raton with Club President Vanessa Havener.

Lynn University is located in Boca Raton and has 3,000 students. Of that, 1,800 are students in the College of Business and Management. Dr. RT Good is the Dean of the College.

Dean Good shared that they focus in a few key areas including:

  • Rapidly adjusting the College curriculum to meet the changing needs of the (mostly) young population called Gen Z (born after 1996) who are:

o   26% already volunteer for community and political causes

o   60% want to make a difference in the world

o   76% are worried about the planet

o   30% have already donated to a cause

o   Will make up 40% of the new customers

o   Many are active in politics and will have a major voting bloc in the next election

  • Since 2010, 86% say the reason they are going to college is to find a better job

Most college administrators feel they are doing a good job preparing their students for the workplace but employers disagree:

Lynn has responded by:

  • The core curriculum was restructured
  • Academic programs grounded in the liberal arts
  • Focus on professional and experiential programs
  • iPad initiative was launched

And, they have focused the academic programs on real-world experiences such as:

  • Faculty background
  • Classroom clients
  • Executive Speaker Series
  • International Business Symposium

Out of this, Lynn has graduates who work for world class companies including:

The College is building an outstanding program. Their iPad program integrates the use of an iPad for every student along with capabilities to use them in the classroom and at home. Wi-Fi is available everywhere on campus.

Here’s a nice closing slide from Dean Good’s presentation:

Kudos to Dean Good and the entire Lynn University for generating graduates who are ready to work in the real world day one.