Chloe Rits re: Be Like Brit Foundation (Haiti)

Be Like Brit Foundation (Haiti)

Weekly Meeting August 7th, 2019

Pictured above are Chloe Rits, Florida Director of Outreach, Be Like Brit Foundation along with Vanessa Havener, Club President.

Britney Gengel was a 19-year old college student who visited Haiti in 2010 and was killed in her hotel during the terrible earthquake there. She loved the orphans there so her parents set up the Be Like Brit Foundation that raised funds and built a new orphanage named Brit’s Home. The facility now has 33 boys and 33 girls living there who are completely cared for – housing, education and love.

Recently, the Wellington Rotary Club built a new home for one of the teachers at the orphanage.

The Be Like Brit Foundation’s current focus is to build a school on campus to provide special and nurturing education for the children in the orphanage. The school is starting operation in September using space in the existing orphanage until the new school building is built.

Chloe gives talks and raises funds for the Be Like Brit Foundation which, in turn, funds the operation of the Brit’s Home orphanage.