We were delighted to have a Craft Talk by incoming President Elect Dr. Gerry Purdy that was moderated by incoming President Jeff Tromberg.  
Tell us a little bit about your growing up through high school days:
•                     Born in Mt. Vernon, NY Feb. 8, 1943.
•                     Moved to Santa Monica, CA when he was 7
•                     Moved back to the East Coast when he was around 10 – Ridgewood, NY
•                     Move to Atlanta when he was in the 8th grade or around 13
•                     Won first place in the Atlanta Science Congress in 1957
•                     Won first place in the Georgia High School Track and Field Championships (Javelin) in 1961
College education –
•                     Clemson University – 1.5 years
    • Track scholarship via Coach Pee Wee Greenfield
    • Left in Dec. 1962 but coach changed his grades to ‘F’
•                     University of Tennessee
    • Found out about the grades changed by registrar
    • Got good grades but all the F’s resulted in an overall GPA of 2.7
    • BS in Engineering Physics in Dec. 1965 which was he closest to Computer Science which didn’t become a major until 1966
•                     UCLA
    • Couldn’t get in with a 2.7 GPA so had to go to night school for a year and got a perfect 4.0
    • Got an MS in Computer Science a June 1968
    • Offered a full-ride Ph.D. Fellowship by UCLA and TRW
    • Wanted to go to the number one rated Computer Science program which was at Stanford
•                     Stanford
    • Had the same issue as UCLA but got admitted
    • Finished my Ph.D. in CS and Exercise Physiology in 1972
    • Thesis was to develop a model of physiological effort and applied that to the Decathlon (helped change the Decathlon Scoring Table in 1984)
Career Work
•                     First Job – TRW Gruman Aerospace – Worked on the Apollo Moon Mission
•                     Aerobics Center, Dallas
•                     Arizona Heart Institute
•                     Compaq Computer
•                     Fujitsu Computer
•                     Dataquest (div of Gartner)
•                     My own company Mobile Insights (1992-2002)
•                     My own company MobileTrax (2002-2006)
•                     Frost & Sullivan 2006-2010
•                     My own company Mobilocity – 2010 to present
•                     Research project at FAU 2021- present
•                     LifePath 2021 – present
Rotary – changing lives and building futures
•                     Denver Rotary 1975-1985
•                     Willowbrook Rotary 1986-1989
•                     Wellington Rotary 2017-2019
•                     Boca 2019 – present
•                     Paul Harris Fellow
•                     President Elect (2022-2023)
Family –
•                     Five kids and 11 grandkids
•                     Three wives (not all at the same time)
•                     Hobbies – Golf
If you’d like to watch/hear the Craft Talk, it’s available on YouTube at this link.